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Sishu Griha which started as a fledgling institution in the year 1978, as a pure Montessori school, with just 6 students, holds pride of place in Bangalore today as being one of the few institutions that has affected a paradigm shift from teacher-centred education to child-centred education. We were one of the pioneers in setting up the Montessori system of education for schools across Bangalore.

The goal of the school lies in helping the scores of children who enter the portals of the school every year to metamorphose into confident and enlightened citizens of tomorrow. Our motto “Thamosoma Jyothir Gamaya” best explains our intentions. We aim at creating an ambience that will foster a relationship of trust, love and understanding between our teaching fraternity and our children and in turn, our community.

We lay emphasis on holistic education and believe in following a highly efficacious policy in instilling self-discipline and inculcating moral, secular and civic values. We believe in our deep-rooted Indian teaching traditions and, at the same time, we adapt to new ideas in the teaching methodology that are concurrent with the advances made in technology.

Our teacher-student ratio (1:15 in Montessori and 1:30 in Grade 1 and above) maintained is a reiteration of our commitment to providing individual attention to all our children. Not only do we encourage a healthy and cheerful environment for our children but we have also fostered a healthy environment for our faculty. With some of our teachers who have built our family for over 30 years, we are proud to say that our collective experience in the field of education accounts for over 1600 years.

We do not follow a linear order when it comes to our objectives, our methods and our intentions as we believe in going about it in the reverse order:


Our later Founder, Mr. N. Krishnan, who did not have an education, had a mission to impart quality education to children from all walks of life. Our family believes in imparting education holistically.


Through a rich experienced fraternity that has proved its mettle in various ways and a culture embedded deep within our foundation.


To provide education for life.

Today, Sishu Griha is one of the leading schools of Bangalore that is affiliated to the IMTC and CISCE imparting quality education to over 1000 children, including children from economically restricted backgrounds. Our school has been searched for on search engines the world over. Sishu Griha is way of life, a culture embedded by our Late Founder.



“Nothing is impossible for a man when he has absolute faith in himself, the determination to overcome obstacles and the dedication to work towards the realization of his objectives.”

N. Krishnan, our founder, is the inspiration behind all our endeavours, whose visionary zeal and lofty ideals have stood the test of time. Born in the year 1914, his humble background proved no impediment to him in developing entrepreneurial skills. At the tender age of ten, he learnt the rudiments of business by selling peppermint, slates and pencils at school. His stint as a workshop employee and later as a salesman, at the beginning of his career, proved to be a brief interlude before he decided to launch out on his own.

Optimistic, courageous and enthusiastic, he made his foray into the world of business in the year 1945, when he made an investment to promote Associated Traders that dealt in machinery and hand tools.

In 1951, he saw a tachograph at an auto expo in Mumbai and recognizing the versatility of this instrument, he placed an order for six of them on the spot. Thus N. Krishnan, was in a way instrumental in pioneering the concept of the tachograph in India. His business acumen helped him to acquire the sole selling rights for tachographs throughout India, from the giant German automobile instruments manufacturer VDO. The year 1958 saw the birth of International Instruments Limited, for manufacturing dashboard instruments, under the brand name Yenkay.

Though N. Krishnan studied only till the fifth form in his village, his altruistic nature and the profundity of his feelings towards the cause of education helped him to envisage that better facilities would help in tapping the full potential in children. He established the Yenkay Rural Education & Welfare Society in 1973 that would work towards the educational, social and cultural upliftment of society. His free village school had over nearly 400 children in the 1970’s and his free hospitals catered to the needs of many from nearby villages. He did all he could to alleviate the sufferings of the underprivileged, using his own life as an example.

Sishu Griha Montessori & High School, a part of the Yenkay Education Society, took birth in the year 1978, the Year of the Child. The school has, over the years, evolved into an institute of repute and has 1000 students on the rolls.

Yenkay, trusted
for over 60 years
stands for
moral values and ethics
with a blessing hand over
N. Krishnan (1914 - 1982)



Sishu Griha Montessori & High School, in its pursuit of a holistic education, aims at creating a community of caring, progressive, lifelong learners and inculcating leadership qualities; imbibing values like mutual respect for all individuals, regardless of race, caste or language; fostering creativity and helping students to realise their potential and to excel in areas of their individual strengths.

  • Provide value-based education and nurture life skills, which will enable students to become progressive and responsible global citizens and contribute to the changing world.
  • To sensitise and encourage children to participate and engage in making the world a cleaner, greener and safer place for generations to come.
  • To offer education rooted in Indian tradition and providing state of the art technology, with the right weave of freedom and self-discipline.
  • To leverage state of the art technology for interactive education and fostering awareness amongst teachers, students, parents and community.
  • Strive to create an environment for every student to excel as an individual, enabling a career in either academic or non-academic areas.
  • To promote the emotional well-being of the children, which is the quintessence of the ethos of the school.

Thamasoma Jyothir Gamaya

Which is like a halo that Leads us from Darkness To Light : From Ignorance To Knowledge.


He Jagadata Vishwa Vidhata

He sukha shanthi niketana he

Nithya akhanda anadi anantha

Purana brahma sanatana he

Prema ke sindhu deena ke bandhu

Dukkha dar1dra nivarana he

He Jagadata Vishwa Vidhatha

He sukha shanthi niketana he.

Provider and Ruler of the universe!

Mansion of Joy and Peace

Eternal, Indivisible, Beginningless, Endless

Perfect and Eternal Creator!

stream of love, friend of the weak

Destroyer of pain and poverty

Provider and Ruler of the universe!

Mansion of Joy and Peace.



Please contact the school at the time of admission for further details with regard to the uniform.


We have four houses named after great sons of India

  • C.V. Raman - Represented by ‘YELLOW’ which signifies the strength and valour.
  • Ramanujam - Represented by ‘BLUE’ which signifies peace and serenity.
  • J.C. Bose - Represented by ‘GREEN’ which signifies prosperity and alertness.
  • Kuvempu - Represented by ‘RED’ which signifies bravery and sacrifice.


Please contact the school at the time of admission for further details


The well qualified and dedicated family of teachers at Sishu Griha is committed to the development of our children. Prudence, congeniality, and adaptability are the watch words of the fraternity at this institution. Our teachers are easily approachable and are fondly addressed as aunties. The faculty is encouraged to keep abreast with the changing methodology in innovative teaching through workshops and in-service training programmes.

The office staff has always donned the mantle of responsibility in dealing with work related to official matters in the most efficient manner. The support staff contributes in equal measure as help from them is forthcoming at all times. The ladies among them are lovingly referred to as ‘akkas’ by the students and the teachers.

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