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The school prepares its students for the ICSE BoardExaminations. The well-designed curriculum aims at augmenting the potential of the students in taking these examinations. Apart from the regular subjects like the languages, math, sciences, social science and computer science, optional subjects like music, cookery, Physical Education, economic and computer applications, as prescribed by the ICSE Board, are offered to the High School students at the Group III level. These vocational subjects give the less-academically oriented students a distinct boost as they help them to make the right career choices. Given the flexibility and the range of subjects that Sishu Griha offers, education becomes all-encompassing, helping its students to match up to their counterparts across the world.


The Montessori Methodology of education at the Pre-primary level is a precursor of the wholesome education that we envision for our students. Children between the ages of 2 years 10 months and 6 years are cocooned in the safe environs of the Montessori Section, where the ministrations of the Montessori facilitators, imbued with the spirit of love and understanding, prepare them for the Primary level. The skill-based learning at the Primary level allows the students to acquire knowledge, in tandem, with developing thinking skills and becoming active and independent learners. The teachers make sure that there is a streak of creativity in the methods they employ to deliver their lessons. The integrated approach followed here, which involves linking various subjects, is one of the hallmarks of the PrimarySection. The workrooms provide ample opportunities to internalise many of the concepts taught in class.

The methodologies stand our students in good stead even after they graduate to the Middle School and then to the High School. These afore-mentioned Sections promote higher order thinking skills in the students and groom them into becoming strong leaders. The teachers identify the individual strengths of the students and engage them in tasks that enable their potential to come to fruition. Although the students participate in a plethora of intra-school and inter-school events, the idea of healthy competition is in-built in them. As technology-based learning receives a thrust in these two Sections, the students metamorphose into enlightened individuals, ready to rise to the challenges that the rapidly-changing global scenario demands of them.

English remains the medium of instruction throughout. Kannada and Hindi are taught as second/third languages. The school offers French as an optional language from Grade VI. Computer Science is introduced in Grade I and is continued up to Grade X.


In keeping with the Theory of Multiple Intelligences, the school conforms to the view that exposure to cultural and performing arts like dance, music, dramatics and art and craft is essential to identify hidden talents and believe in bringing them to fruition through constant encouragement Elocution , recitation and debates that come under the purview of Literary Activities are also given equal importance. Competitions at the inter-school level , inter-house , state and national levels that calls for active participation give a fillip to their pent up creativity.

The school has always emphasized on the inextricable link between man and nature through its association with agencies and associations that work towards protection and preservation of the Environment. Environment Week that is celebrated in the first week of June involves competitions and activities that have helped to sensitise children to their role in the sustenance of the environment.The school has declared Wednesdays as “No Plastic Day” as a mark of solidarity to the worldwide initiative to fight the scourge of plastic.


Dynam classes have an invigorating effect on the students as the sessions here help them to understand the science and math concepts taught in class better. These classes engage the students in craft activities that explain the underlying principles behind scientific concepts. They also bring about an upswing in the analytical abilities of the students.


Hamsadhwani, a school for the speech and hearing impaired, has been adopted by our institution. The students of this school receive clothes, groceries and other miscellaneous items ever year. Apart from this, our students bring joy and cheer into the lives of their less-fortunate brethren by interacting with them when they are presented with opportunities.

The newly-launched SFS (Student For Student) programme started by a group of enterprising people, who take on the onus of training our students to educate underprivileged children of another school.

The philanthropical arm of the school extends to other organizations too and they receive aid in the form of cutlery, clothes and woollens.

Life Skill Programmes – Equipping one for Life

This is a part of the regular curriculum from the Primary to Senior school which emphasizes on certain skills necessary to bring out the all round development of a child . This uniquely designed programme for schools aims to impart life education that has a beneficial effect in the evolution of children into socially acceptable and responsible adults. These values are imparted through interesting activities.


The Quality Circle Time sessions prove invaluable in terms of the message that every session puts across. The highlights of these sessions include the teacher and the students sitting in a circle, dealing with one particular topic, following all the rules of decorum, speaking one’s heart and mind out and seeking solutions to the problems expressed. It has become popular as a forum where the redressal of grievances happens in an informal manner.


Unit tests are conducted every term for Grades V to X. Apart from three unit tests and two exams, projects are given in all subjects to enhance creativity, team work and presentation skills. Internal assessments are done at regular intervals to evaluate the overall performance of the child.


The self-development of every student is what Sishu Griha aims at and the co-curricular activities that are held across the year help in the upward trajectory of the same. Activities like elocution, debates and quizzes in English, Kannada and Hindi have seen active participation and these bring out their capabilities to the fore, making them confident individuals.

The club activities that are conducted once a month have become immensely popular. There are clubs as diverse and varied as the Literary Club, the Math Club, the Quiz Club, the Gardening Club, the Heritage Club, the Fine Arts Club, the Science Club, the Community Services Club and the like. The birth of new clubs ever year adds to the excitement among the students and the teachers-in –charge of the various clubs plan the activities for every session in advance.



The school believes in allowing every student to realize his/her potential by providing challenges to them throughout the academic year. Therefore, diagnostic skill- based assessment tests, the ASSET, (Assessment of Scholastic Skills through Educational Testing) conducted by Educational Initiatives are taken by students from Grades III to IX in various subjects.


The Olympiad Examinations are conducted in subjects like Math, Science, Computer Science, and Environmental Science. The examinations inculcate in students critical thinking skills and develop in them a liking for these subjects.


At the end of each term the parents will receive a written report of their child’s progress which confirms the basis for discussion at Parent-Teacher meetings. Dates are fixed during the Academic Year.


Students of Grade X often find themselves at a crossroads after the school-leaving examinations as they are not sure about the future course of action in terms of the right choice of subjects at the pre-university level and the career that is best suited to their inclinations and strengths. Keeping in mind the uncertainties that prevail among the high school students at this juncture, the school has engaged with external organizations to talk to them and counsel them on the right career choices.