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The year 2018-’19 marks the fortieth year since the inception of Sishu Griha. The Annual Day celebration for the year was taken up by the High school.

Sishu Griha High School in collaboration with Imbroglio Productions staged Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves. The play staged as a musical was put up by the students of class IX & X. Out of the 150 students of the High School, 148 took part in the staging of the play. Parents, grand-parents and siblings of the High School students, students of classes VII and VIII and special invitees witnessed the show at the Ambedkar Bhavan on Tuesday, 21st of August.


The commencement of the evening‘s proceedings was marked by the ceremonious lighting of the lamp. The motto of the school Thamoasoma Jyothir Gamaya signifies the transition from darkness to light…from ignorance to knowledge.

What our Parents say

Golden Words For Us

FANTABULOUS!!!!is the only word that can describe the musical performance the High School students of Sishu Griha put up. Fantastic co-ordination to get 150 students to seamlessly move between scenes.

- Sangita Navada, Mother of Dhruv Navada (IX B)

All the young people on the stage came across as confident and enjoying their roles. Brilliant!

- Shubha, Mother of Mann Malavya (IX B)

It was enthralling. I sat spellbound as the 15 and 14 year olds took us through a magical ride. I applaud the vision of the school, the tenacity of the Production team, but most of all, I applaud the children who transformed into singers, dancers and actors in just under three months. It’s an experience that I will never forget. Thank you.

- Mother of Kamakshi Murthi (IX A)

Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves was conceptualized and executed very professionally by the students, the production team and the school management. The acting and the dance sequence and the choir were top class….they kept the audience spell bound from the beginning to the end.

- Father of Varunn P.S. (IX A)

The students of Sishu Griha High school put together an amazing show with smooth scene changes and clear focus. Each part of the play was note worthy.The excellent school choir and the accompanying band provided a spell binding background . The set and the costumes were outstanding, giving the audience a sense of the Persian history. This oft-told tale was so refreshingly enacted that it held the audience’ attention throughout and gave each High School student a special chance to shine.

- Subha Muddappa Bollera, Mother of Annika Muddappa Bollera ( X C)

Both the children and their parents had a real live experience of the various moments of the musical at school in between their classes and at home on a daily basis. For these two and half months, it has been the repeated constant practice on their parts, run-throughs after run-throughs tirelessly showcasing the same high energy and simultaneously not losing focus on their studies as well.This was indeed a job well done deserving a huge applause for creating a memory worth cherishing for all those involved for many many years to come.

- Venkatesh, Father of Shreya Venkatesh (X A)

The students of Sishu Griha High School transported up on an invisible magic carpet from Ambedkar Bhavan to ancient Arabia with their mesmerizing performance! The actors made the characters come alive…the spooky Morgana, the sinister laugh of Al Rashid, the quirky Hanky lines of Panky and Jiggery Pokery. The music was an awesome mixture of cultural unity possible only in theatre….the Arab Ali Baba singing the lines of Jewish Fiddler on the Roof and ABBA’s Money, Money… We took away images and sounds that will stay with us forever.

- Vivek Karambil and Hema Gollamudi, Parents of Samiksha Karambil (IX B)

Student artists after artists came on stage and set the bar higher and higher until the gymnasts showed up and literally set the stage on fire!

In the fourteen years of our association with Sishu Griha we are reminded constantly how the entire system comes together to make wonders happen. The beautiful Sishu Griha children and the staff brought a glow of pride in our hearts for having put together and delivered such a delightful performance.

- Vijay Mirji, Parent of Tanvi Mirji (IX A)

Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves was a performance par excellence!! The level of professionalism matched some of the plays that we have watched on professional stage. Though no part, big or small was overlooked, the dancers and the choir deserve a special mention – beautiful choreography and excellent choice of songs….the Sand Storm dancers and the acrobatics took our breath away! Kudos to the senior staff and their patience, dedication and hard work.

- Sushmita and Salil, Parents of Siddhant Joseph Ambat (IX A)

Extraordinary display of talents by Sishu Griha students!

- Purnima, Mother of Anuj Baliga (IX B)

Each and every aspect from lights to sound to visual display, costumes and coordinated live music, singers, actors, dancers and the aerial act was a treat to watch.

This event according to me has played a very important role in boosting the confidence of the students and built high levels of team bonding between them. This was well reflected in the spirit and passion they showcased on the stage and I am sure that the play will be cherished down the memory lane by all the students.

Three cheers to the Students, Principal, Teachers, Staff and Management and the theatre group for putting together a splendid event celebrating 40 years of Sishu Griha Montessori and High School.

- Lakshmi & Prakashan, Parents of Adarsh. K. Menon ( X-B)

From the opening song and dance till the end of the show they captivated the attention of the entire audience. The singers sitting on the side panels were in their position throughout the play and rendered melodious pieces to support the play.After a point the engrossing performance leaves you in awe as it is no less than that of a highly acclaimed & professional Broadway Musical show.

The costumes, lights and performance of each and every child transported the audience to a different era. Thank you dear teachers and entire staff of Sishu Griha for making the final year of Rangan’s school life so memorable.

- Sudipa Ray, Mother of Rangan Ray (X B)


The oft told tale of Ali Baba was given a new sheen with some soul stirring music and great dances. The play was indeed a resounding success. The scenes and the characters of the play transported us to ancient Persia. The clever mix of the popular songs rendered by the choral group was woven into the narrative and this captivated the audience.

What our students say

Golden Worlds For Us

What a show it was!!! And furthermore the three months of practice helped us form close bonds with each other.

- Gayathri Allamsetty – XC

The whole process, right from the introduction of the Team Imbroglio to us to the last minute huddle before the show was a memorable and remarkably amazing experience for me.

- Aarushi Rajagopala – IX C

My experience preparing for Ali Baba and the Forty thieves is an unforgetful one. It will always remain in my memory. I learnt here that success cannot be achieved without team work. Everyone in the team is valuable.

- Eeshan Krishnan - IX C

When the lights hit my face and I heard Arundati’s voice ring throughout the auditorium, I smiled as wide as I could and proceeded to enjoy the moment we all had been waiting for. The standing ovation at the end of the play made me very proud of myself.

- Kashvi Shervegar – IX C

At the end of the day…..or rather three months, we knew we had accomplished what we never thought we could, done what we could never imagine of doing and had fun like never before. All our hard work paid off……and we made everyone who taught us proud.

- Hridya Variyar – IX A

I remember feeling joyous every time the audience reacted in the way we wanted them to….I felt that we were able to transfer our emotions on to them.When I met my parents and grandparents after the show, I felt a warmth I had never felt before.I realized that through this journey I learnt that the most important thing about school is not the topics learnt, nor the exams written, but what we learn through experiences. …the values we learnt, the memories we made and the bonds of friendship we forged. For this I thank my school for giving us such a wonderful exposure.

- Ananya Choudhury – IX A

Each practice session was little different from the other. We played some fun improv games to warmup, did vocal warmups and dance warmups. Our trainers taught us basic things such as stage discipline, self-discipline, focus, dedication, sincerity and hard work which are lessons which will stay with us throughout our life. We made memories with each other which we will never forget. We learnt something new about theatre and drama and stage etiquettes every day. This was a golden opportunity for us as it is very rare to find musicals of such a stature in which all of us could participate. All in all, it was a very valuable and pleasurable experience and a journey which we will never forget!

- Monitha - IX B

On the final day, the show day, the anxiety we felt was like a tiny ant compared to the humungous confidence and courage that were instilled in us throughout our practice sessions.

- Dishita Swaika X A

It was show day and we were all very nervous….but we were there for each other like a huge family.

As the scenes went by we spotted our parents looking amazed and bedazzled. We then knew that we had truly seized our moment!!!

- Rahul Harikumar – IX C

It was such an amazing experience! I enjoyed every moment I spent practicing. I am so happy that I was able to be a part of this wonderful journey along with my class mates.

- Diya Gopinath – IX A

A musical was a new experience for me. But what made it special was not the singing or the acting I learnt, but it was the friendship, the loyalty and the team work I picked up along the way. It stirred up my confidence and lifted it up to a new level.

- Arundati Vijay – IX A

During the course of the prep for the play, we learnt values like hard work, team work, but of them all the most important value I leant was of being disciplined.

- Shreya Ramesh – IX B

We are very proud to have put up a show for our parents, our school our juniors and the Principals of other schools.

- Ananya Kishore Bharani – IX B


More than the play, the making of the play was a crucial learning experience for the students. They learnt the nuances of choral singing, stage craft and above all the value of team work and discipline. Our students worked very hard and were able to balance their academic commitments with the perfection that was demanded in staging a play. The whole experience was a testimonial to the resilience of our students.