Thamasoma Jyothir Gamaya...


Sishu Griha - A Trailblazer in many Aspects

Sishu Griha is a pioneer in introducing the Montessori system and a leading ICSE-affiliated school in the city. Sishu Griha Montessori & High School enjoys the enviable status of being one of the few schools in Bengaluru to have effected a paradigm shift from teacher-centred education to child-centred education, providing quality education to the scores of children entering its portals every year.

The motto of the school,“Thamasoma Jyothir Gamaya” (from darkness to light), encapsulates the underlying mission of the school in lighting the way to creating enlightened individuals. The ambience of the school fosters relationships of trust, love and understanding between the teaching fraternity and the students. The emphasis is on holistic education, instilling self-discipline and inculcating moral, secular and civic values.

Constant upgradation of the pedagogical practices, concurrent with the advances made in modern technology and revised syllabi, has ensured that teaching and learning are always on an upward trajectory. A definite teacher-student ratio (1:15 at the Montessori level and 1:30 from the Primary level) is maintained, reiterating a commitment to continue providing individual attention to the students. Sishu Griha believes in encouraging the teachers to being facilitators as it believes every child has the potential to shape his learning curve. It is one of the few schools that does not believe in imposing unnecessary sanctions on its students as there are certain inbuilt mechanisms like Quality Circle Time sessions and Bubble Time that help them to realize their mistakes and take corrective measures.

It has fostered an education system that helps the children explore their personalities, so that they understand the power of expression. This culture draws out the unique strengths of the children and builds their self-esteem.

Sishu Griha is a pioneer in introducing the Montessori system and a leading ICSE-affiliated school in the city.

At Sishu Griha, erudition makes a bold statement. It is a deep-rooted culture, where teachers do everything in their power to make the students apply themselves better... adapt... survive... excel!


The legacy of Sishu Griha

Sishu Griha took birth in the year 1978, coincidentally the Year of the Child. What started off as an institution of learning in a nondescript building with just a few students on its rolls has now gained a firm foothold in the educational milieu of Bangalore, as a citadel of learning that nurtures every student and helps him/her to realize his/her true potential. Every year since its inception has seen it crossing hurdles and achieving milestones. Its slow but steady growth has left in its wake thousands of satisfied students who have carved a niche for themselves in some corner of the world.

Every crevice and corner of the building that houses the school bears the imprint of the birth and the growth of this institution. The vision and the mission of its founder, the late Shri. N.S. Krishnan, is the greatest endowment the school will continue to offer. This will inspire everyone who enters the portals of this institution. The ideologies on which the foundation of the school has been laid, its ever-permeating ethos, the principles on which the school functions, the struggles of the people who were instrumental in spurring the growth of this institution, the collective voice of the people associated with it and its commitment to bringing up dedicated citizens of tomorrow is the legacy that will supersede time and continue to guide future generations; touching and shaping lives in the process.

The Sky is the Limit

on a rising trajectory

Creativity and imagination are given free reign at Sishu Griha as they open up more avenues for exploration and study. The teaching methodologies adopted in classes foster imagination and creativity in the students. The school does not believe in restricting a child’s potential by putting him/her in a straitjacket so appreciation, encouragement and the freedom to work freely are the pillars on which his or her growth is fomented.


The Sishu Griha Memorabilia


Sishu Griha believes that parents and teachers are equal stakeholders in the upliftment of every child and this belief has seen the parents being the cornerstone of its rapid rise, thanks to their complete involvement and support.

Achieving hundred per cent results from the first batch of Grade X, winning debates, topping many a science quiz and acing sports events are just a few of the milestones that the school has seen during the course of its growth. Participation in intra-school and inter-school events across the year has seen the students winning laurels after laurels. The students have represented the school at national science fairs and debates and crowned themselves with glory. Science and art exhibitions in school showcase the students’ learning. A slew of sports activities are conducted in school as the school is of the unequivocal opinion that sports has a major bearing on the development of children. The Annual Sports Day events and the intra-school events ensure one hundred percent participation. The support extended to budding sports stars in the school has seen the emergence of national champions. Winning the much-coveted International School Award conferred by the British Council in 2008 and its students winning acclaim among other top schools at a global-level competition organised by the UNESCO in Sweden are further embellishments to the success story of the institution.

Helping the students to imbibe the values of empathy, love and concern for their less-fortunate brethren is another crowning glory for this institution. The joy that the inmates of the orphanages and the old age homes experience when the students visit these institutions are priceless. Small food hampers, toiletries and essential groceries are distributed to the inmates. Tuck-shops are conducted across all Sections once a year and the benefits of these go towards a noble cause.