Thamasoma Jyothir Gamaya...


The Sishu Griha Mosaic

simplicity in its complexity

The culture at Sishu Griha Montessori & High School, which shines through in every one of its endeavours, is totally invigorating as it is a rich tapestry woven together by the ethos that permeates the institution.

The Open Culture

pervasive and all-encompassing

The strength of the school rests on the open culture that is inherently built into it. The relationship between the teaching fraternity and the student fraternity is reflective of mutual trust, respect and appreciation. The non-inhibiting environment in school ensures emotional and physical safety for the students and the teachers alike. Very exacting in its approach, the school emphasizes on the need for social behavior to be of the highest standards. Various presentations and talks by eminent personalities help the students to abide by the tenets of social behavior.

The freedom to innovate

The school provides ample opportunities for its academic staff members to further their professional development by organizing workshops and sending them for training sessions. The freedom to innovate, develop new pedagogical skills and share expertise has resulted in creating a strong teaching fraternity. The Management and the administrative heads ensure that collaboration is the key word in ensuring that everything runs on an even keel.

Every staff member is dedicated to bringing up exceptional citizens of tomorrow through his or her effort to provide education for life to the students by presenting them with a gamut of learning experiences. The student community raising the bar for excellence in academic and non-academic fields, every year, is an offshoot of the ‘no-competition’ policy of the school. All individual successes are recognized, lauded and celebrated.

Respect, trust, and admiration are the cornerstones of the interactions and the relationships that thrive in school. The parent community, the teaching and the student fraternities coalesce to form one integrated whole and work together to facilitate improvement in all spheres. Opinions are respected and taken into consideration.


keeping traditions alive

The celebration of all festivals is an important aspect of its cultural milieu as they bring to the fore the rich traditions and culture of our country. These celebrations leave in its wake an abiding sense of oneness and generate bonhomie among the teaching and the student fraternity.


The annual day celebrations

The unprecedented success of the Annual Day celebrations across the three Sections, once again, stands testimony to the underlying spirit of joyfulness and commitment that are entwined in every activity or event that happens in the school. Although the Annual Day programmes are the culmination of a few months of practice, the spirit of the teachers and the students having worked together as one cohesive unit towards a common goal, endures. Science exhibitions are like a voyage a student embarks on and it is marked by exploration, discovery, assimilation and learning. Here, too, the teachers and the students are like fellow travellers, benefiting in equal measure. Montessori exhibitions, which bring out the essence of the Montessori method of education, showcase the joy of learning. Art exhibitions is the celebration of talent